Photo Producer

Hello, let me introduce myself: my name is Martina,  you can see my face in the picture aside.
I'm a mum of two, I was born and raised in the south of Italy but, in 2001 I decided to come and live in Milan. 
In this magnificent city I had the chance to get many amazing jobs, from very famous fashion brands houses to fashion and design publishing industry, catwalks, photoshooting and television sets and  why no, I also worked as store manager for refined boutiques both in Italy and England, where I lived for a while.
Working within fashion and design environment gave me the opportunity to meet several beauty professionists and also very talented fashion photographers, so I basically created my own personal freelancers's portfolio contacts and this led me to join the team of Kool 'n Chik based in China.

Brides to be are my main goal. I offer my time, my knowledge and my team for taking care of their look and pictures, to give them the excellence, so they can feel gorgeous and perfect like the models the usually see in fashion magazines.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any enquiry!


Some of them achieved a degree in fashion desing or a Bachelor's Degree in the Economics of Cultural Heritage and Communications (and more) before they had to admit that their one and only passion it is Photography and then achieved their degree at the Italian Institute of Photography (Milan).
When your job is also your passion, your works are destined to be great and so the following pay-off.
They worked and still work for italian and foreign magazines, personal projects, weddings, portraiture, and so on.
They are all freelancers and they love any aspect of photography, about and around it.
Their strong point is the passiong and the desire to drag the observer's soul into their pictures, to catch the perfect moment that can make you feel many different emotions in just one single photo.

Make Up Artist

They come from many different Make Up Academies in Milan but their path is pretty much the same:  visage study with corrective make up first, and also photographic, theatrical, cinematographic, artistic and bridal. 
They work as freelancers for many italian and foreign magazines (on paper and online too), television, catwalks and they also work with many famous celebrities.
I'd like to end this introduction with a sentence of our Marta because I think it perfectly describes our goal as a team: " I think that every woman has the right to find her own beauty, highlighting strong points and concealing imperfections, and this is something that only a good professionist can do".

Hair Stylist

These collaborators come from all over the nation and they had the chance to work as Hair Stylist for large and famous companies both in Italy and outside the country. 
This way they met other nations predominant philosophy and styles.
Their skills made them work in several different rules as teaching, hair salon manager, artistic director for Academies, working with models for runway and photographic shootings and with celebrities (both italian and foreign ones) but most of all they're constantly seeking for new styles and trends and they always know what look is better for every client they have.