"The success of a picture is proportional to the emotions it can cause in the long run”…

Even though this simple sentence may be enough to explain the impact and power of images, a good picture is also the result of the teamwork of qualified experts, work that can be made better and easier through the cooperation with capable make-up artists and hair stylists.

Within our team we collected a group of experts who constantly work with models and VIPs, well-known for being very demanding, and thus know how to always offer the highest level of quality.

Privately seeking a make-up artist, an hair stylist and a photographer may be risky: it can take a lot of time and there is a high chance you will get poor results despite considerable costs.

Our goal is to constantly offer a first-rate service and, above all, to guarantee excellent and affordable results.

The service we offer is intended for those who don't want any more problems to worry about and are willing to leave them to our experts.

The target is broad but focused: from the bride demanding the best look for her most important day to models in need of a great photo album to introduce themselves to fashion agencies, from editorial photo-shooting to those who need to capture an important event, or even bands and DJs that need a professional portfolio…our service can cover countless needs. Our team is mainly composed of women and it offers the most sophisticated, most excellent and complete bundle: make-up, hairstyle and photo shoot (unfortunately I can't list a full prices summary because every work is unique and so its own cost).